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About RS LED

RS LED lighting and signage products are used worldwide in both private homes and professional businesses, including airports, railways, automobiles, gas stations, media outlets, restaurants/chains, hotels, banks, and shows/events. RS LED’s quality products have landed partnerships with numerous renowned companies, including BMW, Toyota, ABC, Microsoft, McDonald’s, KFC, Citibank, etc.

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Products And Applications

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RS LED products are revolutionizing the LED lighting and signage industry, leading in quality, sustainability and performance. Manufactured by a core staff of technicians and experts, RS LED products are designed from high quality and eco-friendly materials. The flexible LED strips and signage modules are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making RS LED products a cut above the rest.

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RS LFI INTERNATIONAL 2016. For the latest updates on the LED industry, RS LED products, and information on upcoming events, please check out our Blog, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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RS LED is a world-renowned manufacturer of LED signage and lighting products. Originally established in 2007 as Shenzhen Rishang Optoelectronic Co. in Shenzhen, China, RS LED has rapidly expanded, with products being exported and sold in over 100 countries. With its emphasis on quality and sustainability, RS LED has maintained genuine and long-lasting relationships with its clients, and as a result, lit the way for the LED industry.

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